Wooden Plane Making

Learn to make and tune a ‘Krenov’ style Wooden Plane. A rite of passage for many woodworker’s this style of plane is both a pleasure to make and use.

2 days

$400 including materials

Dates - TBA

thumb_Side Table5_1024.jpg


This basic woodworking course introduces the student to the fundamentals of fine woodworking. Including wood selection, hand cut joinery, the principles of sharpening, machining of rough sawn timber and hand rubbed finishes. Course projects include a stool or side table.
5 days
$1200 including materials
Dates - TBA

Bench Making.jpg

Traditional Workbench

Learn to make the most useful of woodworking tools, a traditional european style woodworking bench. A combination of learning outcomes in both hand tool use and accurate machining of rough sawn timber.

10 days

$3000 including materials

Dates - TBA

Mini/Traveller's Workbench
A scaled down version of the Traditional Bench, this bench is perfect for those with limited space and helps make woodworking at home or on the move a real possibility.
3 days
$600 including materials
Dates - TBA